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ATTENTION:  Principal, Guidance Councilor and Arts Partner Liason

There are so many negative influences that confront our children every day.
Images of sex, drugs, and violence bombard their senses through music, television and print media.

Is it any wonder that many children's self-esteem and self worth are at an all time low?

You can teach a child to "Just Say No" but when it comes to crunch time,
when they are faced with peer pressure, its their feelings
about themselves that are going to determine whether they will make the right decision.

Don't you agree?

Fortunately there is something you can do
to help raise our children's self-esteem, feelings of self-worth and
their belief in themselves and others.

My newest program, The 3 Magical R'S plus 2 (Yes We Can), is designed to help children raise their self-esteem and belief in themselves and others. High self-esteem is, of course, necessary for success now and later in life.


The 3 Magical R's plus 2 (Yes We Can) is approximately 40-45 minutes in length and
is age appropriate for kindergarten through fifth grade.

Through comedy, magic, pupetry and story telling,
children will learn three plus 2 very important life changing messages.

By combining entertainment with education
kids are very receptive to these ideas and take them to heart.

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Other subjects available include, but are not limited to: self esteem, anti drug message, peer pressure, stranger danger, conflict resolution, general safety, fire safety, trick and treat safety, character development, manners, success and self determination as well as curriculum based programs like reading, math and science.

NOTE: in order to provide the most up to date, entertaining and educational program, this show is subject to change with out notice.

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