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The No Bully Show!

Learn simple strategies to prevent and stop bullying!

This program of Storytelling and Magic is designed to help students realize that although each of us may be unique on the outside, we all feel the same on the inside and have the same basic need for acceptance and respect.

Through interesting and cutting edge tricks and illusions the artist presents a fun, fast paced, interactive and entertaining program that will also reveal the dangers of tolerating all forms of bullying. When appropriate, Shawn uses examples of his own experiences.

This program aligns with USD standards and indictors in KS and surrounding states from Kindergarten through 5th grades.

Subjects covered included in this program include:
What is a Bully?
Am I a Bully? And
How can I stop / prevent bullying?

A partial list of subjects discussed is physical bullying, gossiping, exclusion and intimidation, just to name a few.

Simple problem solving of issues and differences are addressed as well as conflict resolution.

Character development topics included in this program are the standards of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Self Discipline, Caring and Good Citizenship.

Shawn can cover specific problems within the group as well.


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