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Dear Librarian,

Thanks for your time to review the magic shows that Shawn has been producing and performing for a number of years. Each show is a motivational and educational reading program. His shows are among the most popular among the summer reading programs.

It is a practical presentation prepared to promote perusing of positive pre-written passages (BOOKS!)

This 40 - 50 minute production will highlight the fact that reading is fun, enjoyable and educational!

Come along with Shawn as he takes your group on a fun, mysterious and exciting trip with dangerous dragons, delightful dreams, drafty dungeons and daring deeds! (How's that for sticking to the theme?!!!)

Your group will discover why you can be a champion and realize your DREAMS if you will visit your local library and read often. Watch as we learn about some valuable lessons about life and how reading enhances and impacts us everyday!

Click here to print out a Medieval Magic flyer to promote your event.


A little about Shawn Reida . . .

Shawn mixes light comedy with sophisticated magic tricks and illusions. Although his programs are age appropriate, there is something everyone will enjoy and benefit from.

Most recently Shawn has been presenting his Magic and Science Program to schools in Kansas. This is a themed magic program that combines the schools S.O.L.'s with magic that is curriculum appropriate for K-2 and 3-5.

Shawn's book 60 Amazing Magic Tricks You Can Do is available for $5.00 at the library program or by mail. For an extra charge, Shawn can also provide a one (1) hour magic teach-in for those interested in learning the art of Magic.

Shawn can provide camera ready or blank flyers/posters for the use of promoting the show in the community.

You will also want to notify your local newspaper so they can be present to report on this exciting event. This is a great way to build community good will and attract a lot of folks to future library events.

Thanks and have a Truly Magical Day!

Please Note: In order to provide the most up to date educational information and the very best entertainment value, this program content is subject to change without notice.

Please contact Shawn at (316) 688-5664 A.S.A.P. or click here to contact Shawn by e-mail for more information or to insure the date of your choice!

If the local media does an article on this program, please send Shawn a copy for his own enjoyment.

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