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Dear Librarian,
Thanks for taking the time to revue this material. Your group will enjoy the 2014 performance of

Mind Blowing, Exploding, And Fun!

As your audience enters the room, they will be transported into an exciting scene of unusual props and scenery.

As your patrons senses become acclimated to the surroundings, they will know that something MAGICAL is about to take place. They will have an amazing experience that has not been felt at the library before.

Some will rekindle feelings of childhood wonder that many have forgotten years ago.
Magic will be happening before their very eyes as they see things levitate, items manipulated, items appear, vanish and change right before their very eyes!

Your patrons will leave this special and interactive program with a revived sense of wonder and curiosity and with a renewed dedication to read more and to use more of the libraries services.
This program is for young and old alike!

This program is now booking for the 2014 season.

Please contact Shawn now to insure the date of your choice!

Please call Shawn @ 316-688-5664, email @ or for more information.

A little about Shawn Reida

Shawn has been producing and performing motivational, educational and character building programs for over 30 years. His programs are among the most popular of the library programs presented all year long.

Shawn mixes light comedy with sophisticated magical effects and illusions. Although his programs are age appropriate, there is something that every member of the family will benefit from. Most recently Shawn has been presenting his No Bully show in schools across Kansas.

In order to provide the most up to date, entertaining and educational program available, and the best entertainment value, show content is subject to change without notice.



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If the local media does an article on this program, please send Shawn a copy for his own enjoyment.

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